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“Life On The Sea Ranch” is a website showing many of the photos taken on The Sea Ranch by Tricia Schuster and Jon Loveless. To say we are amateur photographers is being generous, but there is so much to see and love here on the Coast we are pleased to be able to share our photos with anybody who is interested. 

Our website includes some photos by other residents also. My favorites are the fox photos by Rolly Coombs. He has a wonderful knack for capturing wildlife. There will also be videos clips posted by us and friends and neighbors for all to enjoy.

Tricia and I moved to the Sea Ranch in June of 2013 and we have been snapping pictures of deer, seals, sunsets, clouds, houses, beaches and birds, to name a few. We also include some photos of nearby towns and sights to the North and South of The Sea Ranch as well as a few of San Francisco.

So, if you have any photos or short videos you would like to share please drop them attached to an email to:

Also feel free to drop a comment on the “Contact Us” form on this site.

Tricia and I have been married 40 some years and throughout our working lives were mostly Gypsies, living in Berkeley, CA, Genesee Depot, WI, Harvard, MA, Fountain Hills, AZ, and retiring here on The Sea Ranch. What a wonderful gift it is to live here on such beautiful land, among good friends and wonderful animals.

 Jon & Tricia

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